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The Age of Human Rights Journal, Special Issue December 2019: Call for papers

The Human Rights Institute at Deusto University is happy to announce a

Call for papers on Human Rights Research Methodologies

Rationale of the Special Issue

Today, it seems to be peacefully accepted that human rights are no longer the exclusive domain of public international law scholars. The growing interest that human rights have aroused to scholars of other disciplines since the late 1980s has surely enriched our knowledge in many ways and has also posed new challenges. Among these, one of the most important is surely the methodological question.

We seek article proposals with critical contributions to the methodological question in human rights research. We aim at gathering the widest possible panorama of disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches, methods and techniques that we use today in the production of knowledge about human rights. Theoretical pieces as well as case studies are welcome, particularly with regard with interdisciplinary and critical approaches to human rights. We are also happy to receive reflections regarding the role of human rights practitioners and activists, as well as their interaction with Academia.

Please send expressions of interest together with a 500 word abstract by 1st April to the guest editors. Contact person: Dolores Morondo (

Guidelines for authors of selected abstracts:

Complete articles should be between 8000 and 15000 words in length including text and footnotes. They should include a short abstract (100 words) as well as 3-7 keywords.

Please use Harvard system of referencing (

Authors should include an info page with their institution, position and email address, which will be published.

Articles should be prepared for the blind peer review and therefore anonymise any reference which could let to the identification of the author.

Deadline: please send the complete manuscript by the June 20th to the guest editors (

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